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Originally Posted by gumby79 View Post
I was thinking of adding one of those 110 induction cook tops to my oil pan
Interesting, but how would you make sure it could withstand to the risk of damage in such location?

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Actually, if you placed it on your garage floor and parked over it, it could be a pretty neat solution.

Bu be warned, it is wireless heat transfer to some specific metals/components. You could very quickly cook some wires or sensors (or thermistat) in your car.

The ture efficiency as a cooker comes from somewhere else. Its ability to heat the pans directly instead of first heating the cooker itself.
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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
Interesting, but how would you make sure it could withstand to the risk of damage in such location?
On my truck , the drain hole is within a 1/2" of the bottom of the frame, the drain valve is protruding , at risk of damage.
So I looked at building my own coil/device. All the counter top cookers I found were 2-4"thick
I found it is a simple circuit 9 components in the previous link.and redy made drivers are an off the shelf itom
I started looking for an alternatives to the heat prone water cooled pipe they used and found,
wiki Litz wire

Also called induction wire.
This allows for a coil ,0072"(3strands x44ga) up to 21,000 strands of 30ga over 1" thick. Eact strand is insulated magnet wire, so each strand can be a separate circuit if desired.
Avaliable in many configurations round , square , and rectangular, small gage strands helps reduce heating in the coil caused by skin effect raising the resistance/coil heating at high frequency. My guss (input welcome) is to start with 10ga litz wire. I ordered some Litz Wire Enameled copper wire twisted-pair size:0.1mm X 150 shares. AWG 38 X 150 Strands . Copper core cross-sectional area: 1.178 square mm.

To solve the possibility of an opossum undoing the work .
1)I'm thinking of wrapping the oil filter with a sleeve, pvc for easy removal and not have to rewrap the coil every oil change.
Wrap the litz coil around pvc.with thermistors on both sides of pvc for temperature control.
A Ferris sleeve. Coverd by stainless steel or aluminum (outer sleeves are to form a magnetic shielding if nessasary.) The alternator is a few inches away for me so at least a simple pice of sheat metal is nessasary to shild it . One would have to use a thermal camera to see the heating effects on other components.

2) seting up a coil 3-10 turns around the vertical sides of the pan
I found this article that gose over my head(help needed) on how to set up and the technical effect of modifications to the circuitry /power supply. High Frequency Induction Heating

An induction heater has limited range. The cook top I used in the past ~ 1-2" and would shutdown for lack of cook wear.

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