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Duck duck duck
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For a contemporary monument I could erect a phonehenge from my drawers and garage box obsoletes, especially if all the fixed line appendages count in.

Not an original idea alas, even if it used phone boxes rather than phones:

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I think I'll drive to Carbondale--where the eclipse has the longest duration, a little more than 2'40"--late Sunday night. Hopefully not so much traffic then. My plan is to camp in the car wherever. I figure if I don't go, looking back in a year I'll wish I had.

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Anyone able to get decent pictures?

I stayed near Seattle (~92% eclipse). Still a very cool experience.

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It's like horse-shoes.

OTOH my camera is hanging on a hook right where I left it.

It turns out I've seen three. I forgot the second one. We drove to Nevada and pulled off to a rest stop and looked through some glasses. Then we went to the car museum in Reno and I forgot all about the eclipse.

We didn't see ground waves this time, but I did see a constellation of little mini pin-hole eclipses on the ground under a tree. It's really hard to capture the experience in pictures; maybe the corona.

My son did an orbit of beautiful downtown P-dale with his Mavic drone during totality, maybe I can get a still-frame from that. That place is a trip. We took a walk an half-block down the other side of the intersection, and the locals stopped three time to inquire who we were and what we were up to. The only crime there is people blowing through the 25mph zone at 70.

Traffic was brutal, I gave up on checking my mileage.
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Old 08-22-2017, 12:02 AM   #15 (permalink)
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I got some decent photos using a #10 welding shade. And a Canon DSLR with a 28-300mm lens.
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Best tank with the Honda so far is 81 MPG.
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Traffic was terrible heading towards it. I crossed into the path of totality near the Georgia-South Carolina border only a few minutes before the eclipse began. A couple miles further in, very close to SC, when the sun was almost 50% obscured I pulled over at a gas station. There were at least 100 people in the parking lot all looking at it.

I didn't have the dumb glasses, so I did the pinhole box trick and watched the sun sliver disappear. Totality was weird, you could see some stars, and the sky was purple, pink, and orange. Birds stopped chirping, crickets started up.

While it was total you could look straight at it without anything to protect your eyes. The corona was visible, a gleaming halo around a black disk, it was ghastly in appearance. Where I was there was about 45 seconds of totality, I wasn't far north-east enough for the full duration.

I was really surprised when the first sliver of light came back through by how powerful the little speck of light was, you couldn't look at the tiniest sliver without hurting your eyes. I did see the "waves" on the ground, they looked like the rippling texture of the surface of the sun that you see in those NASA photos of the sun.

I have like an emotional disposition, I teared up a bit when it happened and was kind-of moved by it for the rest of the day.

Silver 2001 Insight (Sold)
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Stayed at home in the 98% coverage zone. It was amazing how much light there was on the ground. Used a welding mask with double #10 shade lenses to peek. Did the whole hole in cardboard to see the progression.

To echo what was said, birds stopped chirping, crickets started chirping, but also the temperature drop was pretty cool.
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home of the odd vehicles
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Up here you could barely tell anything was happening,
Peaked at about 80% lots of clouds, a little dimmer but you would hardly know sun was still bright when the clouds would clear.

Wisconsin hasn't seen totality since the 1300's ;(
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I looked at the DuckDuckGo link, but I am not familiar with that search engine, and I did not have any idea how to narrow down the search.

My sister was apparently freaking out about non-hippies de-hippifying her part of Oregon. Page was supposed to have the best view of the eclipse, but with $1.07 to my name, I did not feel like trying to cobble together anything, and when I looked, I could barely tell where the sun was behind the clouds. A teacher gave me a pair of glasses, but I could not see the sun through them. They definitely protected my eyes, though.

What is wrong with this picture?

The President stared down the sun until it hid behind the moon. Apparently those cool glasses are for people too cool to wear them properly.
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Ninja 650R - '06 Kawasaki Ninja 650R
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B*tch - '01 Honda Civic HX
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Ms. Hyde - '06 Cadillac CTS V
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I included a pic I took of a tree's shadow and a coworker's picture (cell-phone + cheap eclipse glasses in front of it). This caused some blur in the photo, it was much narrower when viewing the eclipse.

We had perfect clear skies for an unobstructed view of the eclipse. It wasn't anywhere near as dark as totality would be, but it was similar to dusk and dropped 7-8 degrees F.

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Past Cars:
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