1994 Chevy Astro Van

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Wiring connections for the MPGuino are all at the PCM in the passenger side kick panel. There are two connectors a Red and Blue one.

On the red connector A is closest to the locking catch and row B is farther away from the catch.

Ground is both A1 and A2 black/white stripe wire.

Injector A is position A16 Dark Blue. It is on the last position opposite the ground wires. There is another blue wire in A15 so make sure you get the right one.

On the blue connector row E is closest to the catch and F is farther away from the catch.

12V Battery is E16 Orange wire

VSS is F13 Light Blue wire

Some other useful wires for future reference are:

Tach/Ignition White wire, position F11 on Blue connector

TCC lockup. Tan/black stripe wire, position E10 on Blue connector. It goes to ground when locked so run 12V to an indicator LED on your dash then hook the ground side to the tan/black wire on the PCM. It will light up when the converter is locked.

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