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There's been nothing but spam on this page. Is there any way we can lock things down a bit. At least require being logged in to make edits???

If anyone sees this ever:

Can we get some of this stuff implemented on here?

Can we also get a column for cylinders and or number of injectors for the cars being added? This should greatly help people esitmate about what their usec/gal should be. A good faq on the way the usec/gal works in the mpguino would be nice too. It should take into account the differences between the number of injectors and the usec/gal

Is the issue with peak and hold injectors just a signal? If so, Jaycar make a peak and hold injector adaptor kit. Converts your opening pulse and high frequency 'hold' phase to a boring old square wave. It was designed to work with their injector duty cycle meter, digital pulse adjuster, and boost controller kits, so the application is similar (they all require a straight conversion without altering the 'information' in the injector signal).

This page is pretty damn messy... as a new MPGuino owner, I found it horribly frustrating trying to navigate this page to figure out what the button functions are (l+m, r+m, r+m+l, etc), what the configuration options mean, how to diagnose installation (e.g. "did I get the right injector wire?"), and what the different screens actually *mean*... this Wiki page is really cluttered and disorganized IMO, like there have just been too many edits to shove-it-in-where-it-fits as the project grew. Anyone care to have me create some new pages and split topics (like table of car settings) off to their own pages? I'd ask if anyone has any objections but that may never get a response ;)

Response for Moderator:

I do agree that the MPGuino page is messy but it has lots of good data. As a moderator, I have need seen any spam in that thread. Also you do have to log in to make changes to the wiki. I am daily watching the changes made to the wiki, none have been spam, some have been bad data or edits, then I change them. If you have issues with what is posted please send me or Saand a PM and we can fix it. Our links are on the main page.

As for cleaning up that page, I have no idea how the MPGuino works so I cannot tell what is bogus data or not. If you do know what is bad data please flag it and comment in the proper thread: [Wiki talk page for MPGuino ]

I would also suggest that you ask others about cleaning it up, then move on the consensus ideas.

Thanks for taking interest in the wiki! --WeatherSpotter-9828 18:44, 26 September 2010 (EDT)

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