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About Me

I am a dispatcher for Seattle/King County's transit agency (Metro). I am a ham radio operator, hobbyist programmer, and techno geek. (I love my toys.) I am moderately capable with a wrench.

My vehicles are detailed below.

1992 Mazda B2600i

2.6l, 5 speed manual transmission.


  • VSS - Back of speedometer, 'R' screw.
  • Fuel Pulse - ECM forward plug, either one of the 2 fuel injector wires (Position U and V) LightGreen/Black or LightGreen/Red (Heavier gauge wires second from the end)

MPGuino settings:

Current Settings:

  • VSS Pulses/Mile = 8390
  • MicroSec/Gallon = 0208212230
  • Pulses/2 revs = 2
  • Tank Gal * 1000 = 14000


  • Current
    • Tonneau cover
    • MPGuino
    • Thinner/harder tires (Front only)
  • Planned
    • Front air dam
    • Aerodynamic bed cover

1982 Honda V45 Sabre

0.75l, 6 speed manual trans. Vetter Fairing. Stylun trunk.


  • Current
    • Vetter Fairing
  • Planned
    • Sawtooth edge for fairing.
    • Space filler for behind operator.
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