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1993 Toyota Tercel


1.5L 3E-E, 4 speed manual.

Current Modifications:

  • Antenna removed (Aero, plus I don't use the radio anyway)
  • Front and rear mud flaps removed (Aero, it looks like they would hinder airflow)
  • A/C completely removed: fan, condensers, compressor, piping, etc. (Weight - I removed the belt a while ago, this stuff was all just extra weight)
  • Bucket headlights replaced with DX headlights (Aero, new lights are flush with grille)
  • Upper grille block (Aero, upper grille is not necessary up in NY)
  • Passenger side mirror replaced with miniature mirror (Aero, I can do without a passenger mirror)
  • Front bumper lip added - front sits about 5" from ground (Aero, helps keep some air out from under the car)
  • MPGuino installed

MPGuino settings

  • VSS: 8210 currently, will probably end up being 8204 once it's fully calibrated, but it's very close for now. After 400 miles or so, it's only off by 0.2 or something.
  • uSec: 0407042608
  • Car weight: 2000lbs
  • Tank size: 12 gallons
  • All other settings set as default values

MPGuino Setup Info

  • ECU is located underneath the radio, on the passenger side. Just remove the interior panels there and you should have access to the proper wires.
  • The VSS signal wire is the yellow wire on the smaller connector.
  • The injector signals should be able to connect right form the ECU as well, according to the wiring diagram. However, I hooked them up right to the injectors themselves in the engine bay. Use the white or yellow wires in the engine bay for the injector signal, the black-red striped wire is not the correct wire to use.

ECU diagram



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