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1998 Toyota Tercel


1.5L 5E-FE, 5 speed manual.

Current Modifications:

  • Front and rear mud flaps removed (Aero, it looks like they would hinder airflow)
  • Upper grille block
  • Passenger side mirror broken off and replaces w/ ducktape :)
  • MPGuino installed

MPGuino settings

Currently Figuring

MPGuino Setup Info

  • ECU is under the glove box, simply open up, push in on the sides, and it will swing down so you can access wires
  • The VSS signal wire is the yellow wire on the smaller connector. (see diagram below, thats what i used to identify it, although that is from a 1993 tercel ecu)
  • As for the injectors, you can tap into them in the engine bay, however i chose to do them at the ecu. By using a volt meter to check i had the same wires at the ECU as i did in the engine bay, i found that the wires you need are colored red, yellow, blue, and only need to use one of them; i chose the green one..

ECU diagram


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