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EcoModder Wiki

Welcome to the EcoModder Wiki. As ecomodding grows, more and more information will get lost to time and the vortex that are forums. Being new, the Wiki is still in it's infancy, but do bear with it and remember some guidelines for use:

- This exists to store important facts, studies, and links to make them easy to use and grouped by topic.

- If you want to know something and it's not here, start a new article and invite others to help edit it.

- Don't just edit the Wiki willy-nilly, discuss on the talk pages first.

Happy wikiing,

Benjamin (SVOboy)

The Wiki is broken down in to 3 categories: Tips & modifications, Group projects, and Reference Material. Each section has many sub pages. Enjoy looking and if you have data to add go for it! If you have questions just ask one of our wiki moderators:


[Weather Spotter (Ben L.)]

Users that are unable to edit the wiki may need to create a account on the wiki rather than using their existing ecomodder details.

Tips & Mods

List of modifications for better car efficiency

Go to the Car MPG Efficiency Modification Wiki List.

List of tips for better car efficiency

Go to the Hypermiling Techniques.

List of tools for simulation and calculation of efficiency and modifications

Go to the Simulation and calculations.

Major Group Projects

MPGuino is an open source fuel economy computer (Arduino based) for any vehicle with electronic fuel injection and a Vehicle Speed Sensor.

Go to the MPGuino development area.

Paul & Sabrina's open source "Open ReVolt Projects" development of affordable EV Electronics: Motor controllers, DC Charger, BMS.

Go to the Open ReVolt Projects Wiki.

Reference Material

Side mirror regulations by state (US)

Go to the Mirror Laws by State (U.S.).

Vehicle Coefficient of Drag List - Includes many makes and models Cd and CdA.

Go to the Vehicle Coefficient of Drag List.

How to calculate your Coefficient of drag.

Measure the drag coefficient of your car

Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) Maps

Go to the Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) Maps.

Aerodynamic graphs, charts, and ideal shapes

Reference threads on aerodynamics

Comparison list of batteries for EVs

Go to the EV Batteries list.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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