by Benjamin Jones

Ecomodding is what “green gearheads” do – and Ecomodder.com is where we gather to share information and gain inspiration.

  • We’re passionate about efficiency. “High performance” means miles per gallon, not miles per hour.
  • We’re interested in vehicle mods & tweaks that improve fuel economy. To name just a few examples: weight reduction, better aerodynamics, improved gear ratios.
  • We’re also serious about adjusting the nut behind the wheel. Ecomodders often apply super-efficient driving techniques, also known as hypermiling or eco-driving.

People are drawn to ecomodding for many reasons…

  • The “eco” in ecomodder suggests concern for the environment & conservation;
  • But “eco” also points to the economic factor – the desire to save money through reduced energy consumption;
  • Many are concerned with issues surrounding energy independence & security;
  • In true gearhead fashion, some enjoy the considerable technical/mechanical challenge of improving a machine & its driver;
  • And some revel in the sheer sport of it! Squeezing the greatest distance from the least amount of fuel is an ongoing game against ourselves and other like-minded efficiency enthusiasts.

Of course, no two ecomodders are alike. People bring different combinations of interests & motivations, and there’s a place at Ecomodder.com for the full spectrum.

What ecomodding is not

  • ecomodding is not the unquestioned adoption of snake-oil concoctions, dubious additives or magic bullet add-ons;
  • ecomodders value the experimental method, and are skeptical of those who make claims and draw conclusions from observations made in uncontrolled conditions

Practice safe ecomodding

You may read about modifications and driving techniques which may be illegal in some areas and could be potentially dangerous if improperly applied. Some modifications could damage your vehicle if not performed correctly and monitored after the fact. No one should undertake a mechanical task beyond his/her understanding or abilities.

Behind the wheel: avoid developing new techniques in traffic, respect local laws, and always strive to be courteous and aware.

Wrench smart – drive smarter – save fuel.

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1 Lane Fontain June 29, 2008 at 4:10 am

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2 Fred Harman January 19, 2011 at 4:46 am

Great blog guys. Heaps of info!