Aftermarket Picks up on Ecomodding

by Benjamin Jones on November 11, 2008

Every so often, we at EcoModder get asked if we’re ever going to get into the business of making production, bolt on ecomods. Even though it makes sense, we’re much more interested in sharing information and encouraging crowd-sourcing within the EcoModder community. A prime example of that can be seen with the MPGuino, a piece of open-source instrumentation that has been developed and supported by some great forum members.

Well, now it seems like ecomodding has trickled down as far as the aftermarket gas mileage nuts in Japan. These days, for as little as 171 bucks you can buy an undertray for your Honda Fit. Undertrays improve aerodynamics and therefore gas mileage, and are a common addition for many ecomodders. However, it’s rare to see a part with such polish coming out on the aftermarket.

As the original forum poster notes, it’s not a direct fit, but it definitely can fit and looks good when installed:

This of course brings up that age-old question: how much money will you spend to save on gas? Is it really worth $171 bucks for a little bump in fuel economy? Over the life of the car, it’s likely that you’ll come out ahead, which is why many manufacturers have been adding larger and more complete undertrays to their cars. However, you’ve got to consider that this is the aftermarket ecomodding, and the cool factor definitely kicks in. Don’t you want to be the first on the block with a professionally made undertray?

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1 Randy November 11, 2008 at 6:09 am

But don’t you have to do the math?

What would a 1% increase in FE be over, say, 10 years?

Is that more or less than $170?


2 Benjamin Jones November 11, 2008 at 10:17 am

Hey Randy –

Yes, you’d need to. The problem is knowing how much each mod actually helps. I can’t speculate on this mod in particular so I wasn’t going to throw out unfounded numbers, 🙂

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