Amp log Jan 14, 2008

by Lazarus on January 14, 2008

51 miles, 50 degrees Total battery cycles 3

Decided to take the bike on the long commute today. You can defiantly feel the added weight of the batteries and hub. Hypermiled the pack since I have no instrumentation to tell what state the pack is in. That the next thing on the list, instrumentation.

The route is 25 miles each way with quite a bit of rolling terrain. Used the motor sparingly on the way out. Used for climbing the hills only. Was using ½ throttle for the climbs. This was giving between 14-17 mph in the climb. Most grades are 2-3%. with some up to 6%. Was able to take 10 minutes off the commute using this technique. Had a chance to opportunity charge the pack and was able to get a full charge in under an 1.5 hours.

On the return used the motor a little more then on the way out. There is more climbing on the return with the longest sustained climb being a little over a mile. The last 4 miles was using assist quite a bit because I was feeling the extra weight of the bike in the legs. Saved 20 minutes on the return. Battery voltage after the ride were in the 12.57 range.

Bike performed well. Up hill starts from a stop are a problem because of the weight and the out of saddle riding is still not possible. The wheel is in need of truing again. I have yet to get it just right and think that once I get it set it will stay true. I’m also think that I night need to go to a 25C back tire. The 23c seem to be stressed with the extra weight of the battery pack.

Batteries took 1.2 hours to charge. Voltage after waiting 3 hours once charged.

#1 13.21 #2 13.17 #3 13.17

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