Amp log Jan 16, 2008

by Lazarus on January 16, 2008

13 miles 50 degrees total battery cycles 4.

Had a few stops to make so I used the used motor assist for 90% of mileage with ½ throttle. Once again there are no bike racks to lock your bike up. Bike performance was good and the motor is really a big help when you want to just jump on the bike without clip-in and shorts. Ran into my neighbor leaving the grocery market and we talked and as I was leaving said “ I’ll race you home” He laughed and said “yea right”. It’s only 2 .5 miles to the house and I ended up rolling past him as he was turning into the garage. He stopped as I passed with a look of disbelief. Chock one up for people power transportation.

Battery voltage at the end of ride was #1 12.89v #2 12.84v #3 12.86v

I received my Kill-A- Watt yesterday so I will see how many watts to recharge the battery.

Batteries took 1.3 Hours to charge. Recharge was .05 KW/H.

Battery voltage after 3 hours:

#1 13.16v #2 13.14v #3 13.13v

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