How to Make Your Car Feel Like New in 10 Minutes

by Benjamin Jones on August 6, 2009


Let’s face it, many of us have older cars. And cars, as they get older, develop all sorts of little, painful annoyances. One of those annoyances, which has gotten to me even since I first bought my 1991 CRX, was how the windshield wipers never really seemed to move the water off of the glass. It was like it stuck there, just to annoy me.

I finally discovered Rain-X, and while I don’t often sing the praises of commercial products, this is definitely one of the rare times when I will. Rain-X has done more than any other modification to make my car feel like new, and even allowed me to remove my rear wiper.

So, if you’re interested in just how easy it is to give your car a makeover, check out the video I made on the subject. Just wash, apply, rub in, repeat, and you’re done in no time flat!

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1 CNCMike August 8, 2009 at 6:06 pm

Definitely a great product. I have been using it on my winshields, actually all the windows on every car I’ve owned since 1982. If you happen to get a haze left after you wipe it off just wipe with a clean dry micro fiber terry cloth towel. If you still have a haze just mist a little water on the window and wipe it with a micro fiber cloth or paper towel. I’ve personnaly never had a haze problem but I know some people who have. It’s also great to use on ceramic tile shower walls or kitchen backsplashes.

2 Sean T. August 10, 2009 at 3:52 pm

I can definitely back this one up! I have used it for years, and was heading off on a road-trip with a brand new windshield. Even though it was new, it seemed like the glass was almost absorbing the water… it wouldn’t wipe off with the wipers. I put Rain-X on, and hardly used the wipers the entire trip. Even when it was raining hard, it was easier to see through the glass without using the wipers because they would trap a lot of excess water that was just flowing right off otherwise.

3 Woody Woodchuck August 12, 2009 at 11:28 am

I’ve been using Rain-X for years also, fantastic stuff! I re-apply once a month and there is rain-X windshield washer fluid that helps keep the windshield coating going strong. Except for the heaviest rain storms I do not use the wipers if I am going over about 30 mph. The rain beads up and runs right off.

I use it on all exterior windows and the rear view mirrors too. I can also highly recommend this stuff, it does work as promised!

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