EcoModder Forum Weekly Roundup: Aug. 18-24th

by Benjamin Jones on August 24, 2008

This week a forum member got in touch with me to suggest that I highlight some of the “ecomodders helping ecomodders” type stuff that goes on in real life, outside of the site. So, in addition to the normal links, I’ll toss out some about the recent camaraderie on the forums.

  • Metroschultz and Coyote X meet up: Not only was the thrashing epic, but a lot of good work got done.
  • Ohio/PA get together: I really with I could make it out to this, because it sounds like a lot of fun, but sadly it’s at a bad time. Luckily a lot of folks will be showing up, so consider it!
  • Dealers blame the scangauge for electrical issues: Kind of silly, if you really want to think about it, but it just goes to show how unfamiliar dealerships and mechanics can be with fuel economy displays.
  • How to accelerate: An important and ongoing discussion about acceleration techniques and fuel economy.
  • AMEC Fuel Economy Run: Personally, I’d prefer a competition based on digital fuel economy readouts rather than fills, but this still looks like it could be good, clean fun.

Thanks for tuning in this week! Hope your weekend was relaxing.

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