EcoModder at the Green Grand Prix!

by Benjamin Jones on May 1, 2009

Every year in Watkins Glen, NY there is a great event called the Green Grand Prix. The GGP has two main competitions, one a time-speed-distance road rally for hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles, the other a fuel economy competition on major public roads around Seneca Lake.

This year we decided we’d show up for the fuel economy competition. Right now, the night beforehand, four of us are here at the Glen Motor Inn Motel waiting to race (as efficiently as possible) around Seneca Lake, competing in two different classes for modified vehicles.

Representing EcoModder are three cars and three drivers, all with ecomodded, fuel-sipping rides:

  • Geo Metro: This Metro has been heavily modded with both aero and drivetrain mods, and will be competing in the 40-44 mpg (EPA) category.
  • Honda Civic EX: The Civic has some aeromods but a stock drivetrain and a keen driver who will be watching the Scangauge trying to eke out every last drop.
  • Honda CRX: I will be driving my CRX, which will sport some last minute ecomods as well as a redone Civic VX drivetrain in the 27-30 mpg category.

More updates to come tomorrow, but we’re hoping to take home a few victories for EcoModder. After the race there will be a car show with some pretty sweet rides, so we’ll be sure to post up the highlights.

Stay tuned!

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