New York Auto Show: Ford Highlights Fuel Economy with Interactive Display

by Benjamin Jones on April 11, 2009

Ford Fusion EcoDriving Simulation

More than other automakers, Ford designed its floor space at the 2009 New York International Auto Show to highlight the company’s efforts to produce new, fuel efficient vehicles.

Ford used its corner positioning to mount two very large displays on the wall, both highlighting the company’s move towards fuel efficiency and away from fossil-based fuels. These displays, which hang above the vehicles, set the tone for the entire floor.

On the floor was the Ford Fiesta, examples of EcoBoost technology and vehicles, as well as a Ford Fusion hybrid driving game and SmartGauge demo. As you would expect, you can crawl into and explore the Fiesta, a full year and a half before it even hits the showrooms in the United States. This gives you a real sense of the car and the fact that it will be in the U.S. before we know it.

However, the Ford display was not just shiny cars parked on a white carpet. Ford has built a driving simulation game to help prospective buyers understand how to get fuel economy by exploiting the hybrid system of their Ford Fusion. While the game is a little wonky, it’s also a good way to teach the basic of hybrid driving to new consumers.

So, if you are in town for the rest of the show, be sure to check out the Ford display on the main floor!

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