The Geo Metro is Taking Over!

by Benjamin Jones on August 26, 2008

You may not know it, but long before Darin Cosgrove was the co-founder of our little site here, he was chatting about fuel economy related to his car of choice, the Pontiac Firefly (a clone of the Geo Metro/Suzuki Swift). He started MetroMPG long before fuel economy was cool, and since then he’s noticed the same trend that we just talked about on EcoModder yesterday: fuel efficiency is driving up used car prices and prestige.

Today, Darin talks about how Metro prices have gone crazy and even the news media is picking up on the car as an icon of thriftiness. Back in the day, when the car was new, it seemed that no one wanted one, too the point that it was ridiculed on the Simpsons as Flanders’ nerd-car extraordinaire. The only difference is that the car holds its thrift-icon status, but without the “hey, look at that loser” edge to it! Check out Darin’s article for more on the Metro’s prominence in the media.

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