Honda Insight Gets its Blog On

by Benjamin Jones on October 9, 2008

These days, it seems like everyone and her sister has a blog, not there’s anything wrong with that (you’re still reading ours, right?). Interestingly, Honda has jumped on the bandwagon after their recent Insight Concept unveiling in order to keep us all up to date on the Insight.

You can check out the blog here to get some information for yourself. It hasn’t been up for very long, so obviously there isn’t a whole lot going on yet, but it is interesting to see an auto company being proactive about creating their own model-specific information source beyond the standard press release.

Many people who read EcoModder will certainly know other blogs such as Toyota’s Open Road Blog and the independent GM-Volt blog. Toyota’s blog does not focus on any one thing in particular, but seems more like a casual industry mouthpiece. The GM-Volt site, on the other hand, because it is not run by GM is full of speculation and, frankly, lots of fanboy gawking over ever last detail of Volt production.

I think the Honda Insight blog is an interesting idea, because it focuses more than Toyota (and sounds less like a talking head in doing so) but is still controlled by the company so it is unlikely to be overrun by internet rumors and tomfoolery like many of the independent blogs out there.

Does anyone know if any of the other automakers have taken a similar approach or is this a first?

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1 Terry October 9, 2008 at 1:00 pm

‘fanboy gawking’ 🙂

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