Honda Insight Spurs Hybrid Price Wars in Japan

by Benjamin Jones on April 2, 2009

2010 Toyota Prius

We’ve all heard about the new Honda Insight’s killer low price, and about Toyota’s update of its old standby, the new 2010 Prius. In Japan, the Insight has been flying out of the showrooms even more quickly than was expected. Their main rival, Toyota, has stepped up to the plate with not only a reduced price on the new model, but by keeping the second generation Prius around at an even lower price.

The base price for the new Prius will come in at about $20,750, with the old model selling for $19,130. However, if you feel like spending the money, you can still go ahead and spend the money to buy a tricked out Prius for up to $33,100 (the most expensive Insight is more than $10,000 less).

Will the pricing wars spill over to the US, where both cars will have to compete with the Ford Fusion, and eventually the GM Volt? Only time will tell, but I’m sure we’re all hoping it does.

Source: ABG

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