Honda UK Asks Customers to Eco-Test Drive the New Honda Insight

by Benjamin Jones on April 6, 2009

I know I can’t be the only one planning to show up at Honda and Toyota dealers near my home and put the two hybrids in a head to head match of fuel economy. However many people there are planning to compare the real life mpg of these cars before finally driving off the lot.

What we do know is that Honda UK has anticipated the rush of excited test drivers and has challenged them to get the best mileage they can. If, by the end of the month, you got the highest fuel economy of any test drive, you win a prize: a £100 gift certificate to Biome Lifestyle.

This Competition is One Great Gimmick

The money won’t exactly put a lot of people in the new Honda Insight. However, everyone knows that Toyota’s Prius has already won in the fuel economy ratings. This means that Honda will have to show that they can both compete with lower prices and comparable fuel economy.

What’s a better way to prove that your car can get great fuel economy than to put customers in it and challenge them to do it? Dealerships can scope out the most fuel efficient routes and teach customers how to get better fuel economy in an effort not only to play along with the competition, but to show that their car is a formidible player in the MPG wars.

When the competition is up, we’ll be sure to tell you who the winner is and what kind of numbers they put down. I’m sure we’ll be impressed!

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