Huddler’s Interview with ZAP!’s Co-Founder Gary Starr

by Benjamin Jones on November 6, 2008

The other day we told you about a unique opportunity to ask some questions of Gary Starr, the ZAP! Co-Founder. Well, yesterday the interview happened and the results have been posted by Cristina over at Huddler. You can see my two questions under the handle “SVOboy,” but here are some of the other good ones that are worth checking out the response to:

  • With recent gas prices going through the roof, it has gotten a lot of average, non-green minded consumers thinking about alternatives to gas powered vehicles. Aside from gas price fluctuations, what do you see as an important catalyst to getting electric vehicles over the hump and more into the mainstream?
  • Does ZAP have any concept vehicles in the works besides the Alias and ZAP-X, and what’s the status of these 2 cars?  Are there any plans in the works for any pedal/electric vehicles (similar to the E-Pod which ZAP! had sold an imported enclosed 3-wheel vehicle in 2004)?
  • Where do you see Zap in five years?  What will happen to your 5 year plan if a major car company produces a fully electric vehicle for mass markets?

Anyway, definitely check it out, it’ll be worth your while.  Hopefully we can bring this same format to EcoModder in the near future. Got any suggested interviewees?

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