Scangauge Mount Review

by Tim Fulton on November 6, 2012

We recently got in a small shipment of new Scangauge suction cup mounts.  So, I grabbed one and figured a review was in order before we start selling these.

The construction of the mount is quite robust.  It has a nice, high quality suction cup design.  It has a lever on it so when you stick it to the surface and pull the lever it improves the suction grip.  The arm that the Scangauge mounts on is quite solid as well.  The ball joint used is nice and sturdy. It is stiff enough so that you can push the scangauge buttons with normal pressure and it does not move.  The adhesive clip that goes on the back of the Scangauge has a very low profile so if you remove the Scangauge in the future its not bulky and obnoxious.


Assembly and installation is incredibly easy.  Simply clean the back of your Scangauge with the provided alchol pad, wait for it to dry, and then stick the adhesive backed clip on the back of the Scangauge.


Next, assemble the ball end of the mount with the small rectangular mounting clip.  Now, you’re ready to install the mount where you want.  Stick the suction cup to the surface of your choice and move the lever on the mount down.  Then, just slide the clip on the back of the Scangauge into the rectangular mount.

I did find out that you can very easily remove the mounting arm from the base and flip it around.  It won’t lock into place with the teeth anymore, but it is not an issue as it still stays in place just fine.  I had to do this with my setup to get it to fit in the small window and its pocket.

So far I have been using the mount for about a week and love the versatility it gives for mounting locations.  My scangauge is now in a much more convenient place and I don’t have to take my eyes as far off the road to look at it.

If you are interested in picking up one of these mounts you can head over to the EcoModder store.

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