Tata Gets 203,000 Nano Bookings Before the First Sale

by Benjamin Jones on May 6, 2009

Red Tata Nano

Last month Tata decided that they would begin to sell their Nano by selling pre-orders for the car and then randomly choosing 100,000 of the pre-orders to actually take possession of the new vehicle.

It’s unfortunate for the company that they cannot magically produce 203,000 of the new, ultra-cheap car for the Indian market, but surely they are happy knowing that even in this global downturn they will have sold all of their vehicles well in advance for the foreseeable future.

The Tata Nano, while only being available in India for now, is sure to change the landscape of the global auto industry. This vehicle is so cheap that it will allow a whole new class of Indians to get behind the wheel, sure to cause increased traffic, vehicle fatalities, pollution, and fuel consumption that come with the other joys of car ownership.

However, no one is sure if that doomsday scenario will really play out on India’s streets, or if the people and the country will be able to deal with the flood of inexpensive cars about to hit the road.

Source: ABG

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1 Bill Whedon May 9, 2009 at 9:29 am

Think how many they’ll get when they switch over to the Whedon Magnetic Engine! What will the fuel efficiency be, I wonder? Considering that the wheel bearings will wear out and the wheels fall off before that engine uses so much as a drop of gas!

Any other manufacturers interested? Prototype 4 (pre-commercial version) is on the way!

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