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Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian View Post
To further clarify my thoughts, before hitting the uphill, I'll accelerate to the point where the engine will power up the hill in its "sweet spot" for power and mpg. That's 35-45 mph in 5th, or 1500-2000 rpm. Where in that range I hit it depends on how long and steep the hill is.
This is what I shoot for as well. From what I understand, best efficiency (energy pulled from each quantity of gas) is achieved at 1500-2000rpm at approx 80% load. Hills are a great way to stay in that rev range at that load for long periods of time - on flats, that load causes you to accelerate. I try to maintain that load till i have accelerated out of that range, then i neutral or EO coast down till i'm at a speed that will put me at 1500rpm again when i put it in gear.

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