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Originally Posted by shovel View Post
I for one think the post title is kinda stupid really, regardless of the car.

"i thought they were supposed to be safe" implies that there has EVER been ANY passenger car that guarantees your safety in the event of two, 20 ton commercial trucks tailgating each other with you in between.

Nothing in life is a guarantee of safety, and you can die in ANY car. Death and taxes are your guarantees... the rest is all up to chance and choice. I just find myself literally annoyed at the implication of the topic title that somehow it's disappointing to the OP that a "safe" car would be crushed in that circumstance.
I just chose to ignore that particular feeling by telling myself that safety, like almost everything in the world, is relative.

I'm sure the OP meant nothing by it, other than circumstantial hilarity at the expense of the apparent lack of safety of "whatever" vehicle was involved, given the obvious extreme circumstances.
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