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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
I haven't found a Malibu wheel that looks even remotely close to that, other than having 5 spokes...

cfg83 - The HHR's wheel is missing the lip detail, as MetroMPG suggested, but it's close.

I'm going to stay with the Ford Escape idea until we can find a wheel that fits better (It's not VolksWagen either, already checked) because well, we can't just challenge stuff without evidence to the contrary, and though the wheel doesn't look precisely like an Escape wheel, it also doesn't look entirely different (a la "Smart" idea). This same pic went through another forum with people claiming that it was a Prius... In fact, I think it was the Chrysler MiniVan Fan Club.
If you look closely at the wheels in the photo there appears to be a shallow indentation down the middle of the lower 3 spokes of the wheel. Now look at this stock photo of a 2004 chevy malibu:

Looking at the wheels on the chevy malibu you can see the indentations down the middle. If you look at the front wheel on the stock photo you can see the very topmost spoke appears to be completely smooth because of the lighting. I think that the wheel is very much similar in the accident photo. I may just be crazy though, lol
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