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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I chastised the sender of this junk when I got it a couple of days before this thread.

It falls squarely into the category of neo-con spam.

I'm sure you've all gotten an avalanche of this sort of **** over the years.

It's all the same. Attempt to mislead/deceive by presenting something along with fundamentally flawed "facts", along with fundamentally flawed "conclusions". These can be outright lies and fabrications and/or, a bit sneakier, lies of omission.

At any rate, I find it interesting that after all these years, I can't recall getting garbage of this nature from the "Lib" side.

Oh yes, you sure wouldn't think the simple physics of a car/truck crash is political; it shouldn't be. But there is always that agenda that goes along with neocon spam distortions; in this case, it is the anti-small car/plant your ass in a giant SUV agenda.

What does the originator of this hope to gain by saying it's a Smart car, when it ain't?

I've told many people over the years that when I get that junk from them, it stops with me.

Why propogate it?

What do you get out of spreading lies?

Don't you ever get tired of being proven wrong??? I always "snopes 'em" or otherwise blow that junk out of the water.

Man, if I was wrong as often as they are, I'd be quite unhappy. And ashamed.
My favorite ones are the ones that say, "I verified this on Snopes, and it's true!" That's a sure sign that it's wrong and sure enough, Snopes denies it.

I'm to the point now where I'm going to start bcc'ing everybody that was on the original thread when I reply.

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