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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Could you elaborate on what this readout is? Is it something like a ScanGauge, giving you an actual temperature value? If so, it's probably pretty accurate. Temperature gauges, OTOH, I've never found to be more than ballpark accurate, if that.
The cobalt has a LCD readout that you can cycle through to see different things about the car - one of them is the coolant temperature value, in fahrenheit ; I'm assuming thats why there is no temp gauge on the car

cfg83 - I'll try to idle it to see when the fan kicks in, thanks for the info

guitarguy - thanks for the pointers about the grill block - I looked at all the pics of grill blocks here on the site; i'm going to try to make one that attaches to the bumper, right behind my grill....yeah I'm definitely not attaching anything to the radiator, haha

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