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learning (teaching) to drive a manual transmission...

Sorry if this is not the right area for this but I had a question about teaching someone to drive a stick. If its not the right area maybe a moderator can move it?

I learned on an old grain truck on the farm when I was about 10, dad threw me the keys and told me to ride my bike back to the barn and get the grain truck...well...never driven it before, after a few times of killing it and revving the crap out of it, sitting on the edge of the seat to operate the pedals and looking through the steering wheel, I got it there and the next time got easier and easier...but that was on like a 55 model chevy who knows what with a granny gear that I found out later that you could if you where gentle with her take off without giving her any gas...but it taught me...

Anyhow my 15 yr old wants to learn to drive a stick now for a couple of reasons,
1) Because he is the only one in his group of friends that would know how.
2) He really wants an S-10 or S15 pickup when its time to get him a car.
3) His older brother doesn't know how and he wants to show off.
4) Dad (me) thinks he should know how.

The only stick I have is my contour and I did take him out once and he had a few good take offs but I then started smelling the clutch so I stopped him and took over. Just didn't want to burn the clutch up on my daily driver.

Anyone have an easy way or any ideas on HOW to teach a kid to drive a stick without burning the clutch up too much? I have never burnt a clutch up but like I said I basically had an easy truck to learn on with the granny gear.


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