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Originally Posted by SentraSE-R View Post
I taught my daughter to drive a stick shift in the snow, in the winter, in Alaska, when she was 12. Taught my son, stepdaughter, and granddaughter, too. I just told the latter three not to give it any gas at all. They learned to use the clutch to get rolling without killing the engine, and didn't have to worry about barking the tires.
That's how I was forced to learn, except in a dirt track car with too much power and not enough weight, on a gravel hill in a quarry.

I only remember specifically getting slapped in the back of the head for spinning the owner's tires up the hill, then being told to "Doe eeet right." (He's Dutch, not sure how to emulate that accent.)

I also heard alot of "Don' Berrrn my clooch", and "tekk it teasie nao, dats alut of horts puwre."

The DiNozzo slap was fairly uncalled for, though, and certainly less than helpful.
"ʞɐǝɹɟ ɐ ǝɹ,noʎ uǝɥʍ 'ʇı ʇ,usı 'ʎlǝuol s,ʇı"

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