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This iswhat my 1976 Boler looks like. Boler sold the plans and the name changed a few times, the latest being "Scamp". This is not my trailer, just while reading this thread I thought I would jump in so I found one on Google.

This thing is a work of art in practical design. Nearly every square inch of the interior was used, now with a few mods of mine, it is ALL used. I haven't towed it in a few years as a friend has been living in it, (yes LIVING in it). But I know with my 1965 Skylark with a little V8 you didn't even know it was there.

All the cabinets, bed, bunk, etc. are made of fiberglass and formed to the inside of the body. I have had people ask to go in while I am out camping. And I get the same response everytime "It gets BIGGER when you go inside!"


These are the same colors as mine. Groovy huh?

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