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Question FYI, ctrl+alt+del is a pc interrupt.. and Car ECU's do have interrupts..


Who told you CTRL-ALT-DEL is part of windows? It isn't.

CTRL-ALT-DEL works under Linux too on a PC, did you
ever bother to try it?

It's actually implemented as a hardware interrupt on the
PC environment.

Car ECU's do have interrupts, but perphaps not mapped
to that key combination, because last time I looked, few
cars have keyboards built in. So it makes no sense.

Car ECU's do have a point where *they do* need to
be reset. It is called an error condition.

If one of these error condition occurs the car/ecu needs
to go to the mechanic to have the code reset. This
happens commonly on German cars because they use
that system a lot.

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