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My car came factory with an AM only, 2 channel radio, not sufficient for my music needs but it makes a nice theft deterrent. I mounted the radio I actually use in my glove box and use my iPod to control the music (no radio for me). This method isn't ideal for most because it leaves something to be desired in the "control" department. Here's a neat article I found about using the factory face plate to help prevent theft (can't post links yet, search for "Car stereo stock radio fake-out" on the instructables website)

The stealing of a "crappy" deck (no offense to anyone) reminds me of what people were doing in my hometown a few years ago and something people used to do to lowriders with hydraulics (requires a trunk full of batteries). They would steal the old equipment and more or less throw it out then go back to the same car a few days later and break into the same car, knowing the owner just replaced the good. Be weary of replacing your deck if it gets stolen.

One of my friends leaves their doors unlocked to prevent damage in the case of a theft, their logic being that anybody wanting to steal the car can easily break into it and anybody wanting to steal stuff from inside it will break a window to do so. They don't keep anything of value in the car so they won't lose anything if somebody breaks in. A "used" coffee cup is a good place to keep change rather than in the open, don't show anything and it is less likely your car will be broken into.

OP, glad to hear you got your radio back, srry for the long post but I think the info is worth sharing.

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