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Originally Posted by ai_vin View Post
"Green laws were enacted to enforce an idea that people know they should do, but won't because they're lazy."

I can understand people being lazy. What gets to me are the climate change denialists, those who expend a lot of their time and energy to stop the rest of us from doing anything major.
Those people wont' stop you from putting a windmill on your front lawn. They're mostly trying to stop the gov't from spending useless dollars financing another company offering to install it for you, at a seriously up-rated cost, then profiting from your (not you specifically) ignorance of the details, by charging you a leasing agreement fee to "own" the windmill they just installed.

Even though we all think Mosquitoes are annoying, useless bugs, they have a place in the world, just like the "idiots" trying to prevent green initiatives.

There will always be non-believers, and there will always be activists. I stay in the middle of the extremes, try to get information and details from both sides, and make up my own mind. I'm not always right, but it doesn't cost me anything in wealth or health that wouldn't have been cost either way.
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