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While I understand that, I also disagree with the thought that the Federal Gov't in any country should be responsible (or depended upon) for any of those legislatures.
I agree that we should all do our part without relying on government to tell us what to do but that's fine for an ideal world that we don't live in. The government has a role to play in shaping the way the country is run.

The problem with the attitude of "small government" is that the feds are legislating all kinds of pro business anti consumer laws. So, do you abandon the henhouse to the foxes? Corps don't why would you? I'll tell you why... because they want you to. There is a huge meme in our media that has been propagated that we should want less laws and less government interference in our lives. Fair enough in our private lives, I agree, but they use this argument to fight for less laws and regulation for business which is the reason for so much of the economic s**t that just hit the fan.

This is not a case of what's good for the goose is good for the gander...

Same with lower taxes. If low taxes for corps were so important for job creation and the economy then why are we in the hole we are in? Should't we be flooded with jobs and prosperity now after all the tax cuts? What we have is a huge deficit and a massive rescession while the rich get richer. Lower taxes for individuals on the lower rungs? Fantastic! I'm all for that. It puts more cash in your pocket to buy locally but a tax cut for big business means the can take that cash and spend it on their yachts, overseas investments, anything but helping here at home. Cutting taxes to big business puts you in the position of subsidising their operations because someone has to pay for schools, roads, infrastructure, and guess what? That will be you.

Look at corporate profit. How much of it stays in North America? Tax dollars, on the other hand, 100% of that is spent and stays here.
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