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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
that won't make peoples heads explode with complications and assumptions and bs.
My head didn't explode, I just didn't want the car.

That said

I wonder if anyone on the DIY side has made a range extender SINGLE speed small gas turbine generator. The military makes them up to 52% efficient, a normal car is only 5%-20% efficient when run over its load range under normal driving conditions. (abrupt stopping removes the efficient part on everything but regen)

My EV with a nice 5hp single speed single output generator could travel basically indefinately at 25mph if the generator and controller were decently efficient. It would seem moving a small motor generator from roughly 14-20% efficiency to 40-50% eff would cause a series electric to be much more energy efficient at low speeds than a typical gas powered car or even a typical hybred powered car.

Anyone want to make or source something to convert an EV into what the volt should have been, and no I'm not talking adding an 1995 1800watt coleman 4 cycle on the back.

Hmm, subaru made my little 360 into a 100mpg car.

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