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Mix of saving and burning the gas, trying to balance it all

My driving is Conservatively Spicy.

I DD a 02 Turbo Miata (9.25 lbs per Hp) so I am WOT for some of my commute and then conservative for the other times. I try to take it easy but when you just have to pass a 911 or 350Z the FE takes a back seat (ps - I dont have back seats and thats the way we like it)

We also have a 2003 Sierra 4X4 so I try to stare at the on board display and watch the FE and drive conservative.

Plus a 99 Venture van (326,000kms) which for hauling 8 people is amazing when you break it down to gas vs passenger load. We fill all the seats when we drive long distances. For the cost of the vehicle and how long we have run it I dont think we could have found a better TCO machine out there for our large family.

Physical mods so far are tire pressure, grill block, full syn for each vehicle.
Driving style varies.
Pre-Purchase mods are buying used as cheap as possible so that TCO goes way, way down.
My best commutes are on my mountain bike, but I now live 25k away so not so often will that happen.

I also have a 450 motorcross bike, kids bikes, adult quads and kids quad. For those vehicles turning gas into power is the name of the game Though on some really long rides on the bike deep into the mountains I do speed and kill the engine then bump start when needed. (still learning the acronyms)
I usually mod for power on the toys, just ask my chainsaw or kids bikes!

This site has been great for all the tips. THANKS!

My goals are to more aero tricks to the Sierra, add more power to the Miata and keep the old Venture going forever!

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