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Hello all!
I've been lurking for some time now and am truely amazed at some of the results members here have achieved. I have modified my driving habits somewhat based on info from this site and am starting to see improvements. I've already asked Santa for an Ultra-Guage and SHE seemed to think it was kinda cool, so hopefully I'll get some instrumentation to help maximize my MPG.
My current vehicles are far from being the ultimate high MPG fleet, but I know we can make them all better.
'04 Honda CR-V AWD Her MPG = 16, My MPG = 23
'05 Ford Excursion V-10 4X4 Since August 2010 2239 miles / 224.3 gallons = 9.98 MPG This is our tow vehicle/people mover. Best was 13.27 and worst was 7.31.
'04 Honda VTX 1300 Motorcycle My MPG = 42-44 every tank for 2+ years.
There are a couple of other cars that won't be included in this hopefully long term game. (I'm hoping a little competition between us and against past results will keep improvements comming!). But I'm hoping that our improved driving techniques will carry over to them for improvements also.
My motorcycle has delivered 42-44 MPG on every tank since I've had it. It's mainly used as a commuter with errands and very little (not enough....) cruising. After picking up some ideas here I slowed down to 60 mph max and less agressive acceleration with some engine on coasting. The result was a jump to 53 MPG! a 20% increase, very incouraging! Then I worked some engine off coasting and stoplight waiting into my comute resulting in an increase to 55.73 MPG (most recent tank) a 26% gain over historical average! My commute is a 44 mile round trip and I'm sure with some more fine tuning of my riding style I can see 57 MPG. Thats not too bad for a big, loud, heavy V-twin with a full figured dope in the saddle. Searching other M/C forums it seems I was getting above average mileage before changing riding style!
I'm looking forward to future improvements and further education from the members here!

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