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Thank you very much for your feedback, endurance. It's all quite useful information, and actually almost all things I was planning on doing anyway. I read the hypermiling tips, and almost all of them are things that I was trained to do as a bus driver. This weekend I'm planning on doing a rebuild on the carburetor. A tune up and new ignition will follow as soon as I can afford the parts I want, I'm debating between MSD and Mallory for the ignition parts I want. I do a fair bit of highway driving and need the extra weight for traction during the winter, so I probably won't do too much to drop weight. I do want to eventually replace the 3 speed auto with a 4 speed manual, and since that's going to be a bit expensive to do in the first place, I want to couple the 4 speed manual with a gear splitter overdrive from gear vendors. But as for my goal for the car, I'll just say this "Aim for the stars. If you miss and land on the moon, you still get a pretty good view."

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