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Thanks great info. I've ordered a few bits along the way from Majestic Honda - didn't know about the muffler warranty. I know its been replaced before - maybe it was an oem honda and still under warranty. I'll have to ask the Mrs. if she's still got the receipt. Do you know if that's just for the muffler or for the whole exhaust system? The system from the cat back is shot - no major leaks but numerous tiny pinholes all over. I'm pretty sure the whole system was replaced shortly after she bought the car.

I think she'd get stuck on speed bumps if we lowered it

I ordered monotube bilstein struts for the front today - I've used them with great results on other vehicles.

The comments about the re-man vs new (china) cv shafts makes sense - I'll go reman.

The wheelbearing (front right IIRC) is really pretty shot - the wheel has maybe 1/4" freeplay at the top. The other side and rear are just fine though. Front struts have lost their oil and the car bounces all over the place. Rears seem ok.

The AC quit working too so I'll try and fix that once the weather warms up - I've still got a bunch of R12 cans saved up from before the ban

Might have to take it to the shop for this stuff though as she needs it fixed and I'm working long hours for the next several weeks
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