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the EGR on a G10 will improve FE AND reduce NOX

a properly operating stock EGR on a G10 will indeed improve fuel economy as opposed to a G10 without EGR

EGR or the lack of EGR will not have any effect at all on maximum power or overall drivability

the EGR does not open at idle or at Wide open throttle on a G10 or on most other engines
so while a G10 may not " need " EGR to run , the presence of a functional EGR will improve fuel economy and will reduce NOX emissions and for either one of those two reasons alone
the EGR should be used and kept functional

Originally Posted by Johnny Mullet View Post
A G10 does not even need a working EGR and it will not effect performance or power. However certain states have emission testing and a functioning EGR would be a must.

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