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And now for something completely different: Electric BigWheelie

Hello EcoModders!
I am an engineer by trade and a product designer for an irrigation company.

I used to work on an electric vehicle race team that had a forumla lightning car and a GM EV1 Drag car run on super caps.

Why I registered:
I am working on a project that uses a lot of Buell parts and I thought I could use some expert help.

Adult sized bigwheel. I am using an XB front (undecided on forks yet) end brakes etc. Back end uses 10" golf cart wheels and trying to piece together a 3 HP DC electric drivetrain. Seat is a leather Cobra replica seat. The frame is still in the design phase and I plan to have it welded up before summer truly hits.

Thank you for the time, and your patience as I ask lots of partially related questions.

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