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Well thank you everybody! All this will help me out. The car I would probably fit him into would be, preferably, a Corolla. I found a nice one with 120k on it a few weeks ago, so it could still be there. But if that won't do, it's easy enough to find a Malibu for around that price, and they get decent enough mileage. I say 25 to be realistic. If I were to go any higher, I'm risking putting him into what he would classify as a clunker. No way I could get him into a rusted-out Metro. He is a businessman after all.

Frank: trust me, we're cutting back. Which is why I want these numbers. So we can save some money!

Sentra: Your information is very helpful. Thanks a TON.

jakobnev: Very helpful. Thank you.

pprince: The truck is getting there. With 140k under it's belt, and the transmission playing games (my dad needs to learn to STOP before he shifts) I don't think it'd be too cost effective after 180k. And I'll factor in insurance after the fact.

Mech: Thank you!

tumnasgt: exactly!

Joe: Good to know. Thanks!

This will all find it's way to my dad. I'll report back what he says about it all.

Thank you all very much!!

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