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Hi everybody

Hello, I am Calin Alfianu, I am a Romanian living in Italy.
I am glad to see how many people are preoccupied by efficient cars in general, aerodynamics in special.
I don't have nor time, neither the space to do some homework (I would like to have), but I am playing a bit in virtual world...I cannot post a link yet...

I am driving an 2001 2.0 DTI Opel Astra (G) and I have some ideas to improve the aerodynamic of this car. I like this style, but unfortunately these days nobody designs like this, everybody gone crazy with "golf style". Still there are some Focus (in fact Focus went crazy too) and latest model of Civic. I prefer the "sportback" of Ciroen Xantia, Alfa Romeo 146, Citroen Xara when is about of compact 4 doors. I will not include many coupes I like a lot...

Have a great day!

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