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Thanks for the reply!

Just before you posted, I decided to bite the bullet since the tracings seemed to match between v1.1 and v1.3. I guess force of habit I trust the PCB printing of labels more than the instructions online (had a bad experience once before!)

Anyways, wired it up properly stealing a floppy plug from an old PSU, found the VSS (btws, for 2004-2005 [maybe more] Toyota Echo drivers, it's Plug 3 from the left on the ECU, Violet/White wire)

Lit up perfectly this time! Had fun testing it out. Calibration to come.

I chose the heavier gauge wire for mechanical strength and the wire I was using had solid insulation which I wanted to use since it was going to take a fair bit of hot/cold in the engine compartment. I would hate for the insulation to fail, shorting the injector lead to ground and misfiring the cylinder
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