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Hi All

Just a quick intro here. I'm Mouse, from the UK. I currently drive a standard VW Bora 1.9TDi (PD 130).

I cover a good 60 miles/day, so driving economically has become a bit of an obsession (especially with fuel prices as they are!) It is unfortunate that my commute is over the Pennines (internation readers: big hills, I go over the highest motorway point in England), but I manage approx. 57+ mpg (imperial calculated, the ecometer in the dash shows about 61).

The main improvements I have made are keeping to around a 60mph cruise on the motorway, and coasting downhill (before these I was getting about 55mpg indicated on the dash). All the mods so far have been to the nut behind the wheel.

After research (and deciding I love this car so much I will be keeping it till it dies), I am looking into possibly fitting an upper grille block, and possibly getting a remap in the medium-term. I don't know what else I can do simply to improve economy...

Oh, one more thing I am considering for next winter is finding a simple way to improve how quickly the engine warms up. I was considering a metal container I could fill with boiling water, placed in the inlet path, as a simple method, or possibly a good old-fashioned exhaust-heated inlet path... I don't know how effective this would be.

Anyway, thats me


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