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Mice don't use much fuel
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Originally Posted by Mustang Dave View Post
Welcome aboard!
As for a quicker warm-up, consider an electric engine block heater.
Unfortunately, I have a couple of problems with that. Firstly, many seem to be mains powered, and I can't get a mins cable to where my vehicle is parked overnight. Second, they are expensive for what they are.

Problem #1 is why I was considering a container I could fill with boiling water, maybe to somehow fit over the oil filter. On the other hand, waste heat is readily available soon after the engine is started from the exhaust, so a solution using that seems the most efficient way to go.

Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
As you have some fair climbing to do, remove excess weight.

Have you increased the tyre pressure ?
If not, gradually increase tyre pressure - 44 psi should still be OK.
I run sidewall max : 51 psi.

Don't use CC uphill - if you do so now.
Use a steady accelerator position and let speed decay as low as practical uphill.
If the climb is preceded by a downhill, get some additional speed downhill and let the momentum help carry you uphill.
Weight has been reduced as far as I am comfortable withalready, without replacing pannels/components. I have heard that going without a spare can save a bit, but I am definately not comfortable with that.

Tyre pressure increase is something I tried, but even with an increase from 2.1 to 2.3 bar I destroyed a set of tyres rather quickly (the tread in the middle dissapeared much quicker than my last set of the same tyres).

I don't have CC, so that's not an issue, and I tend to go faster downhill than up, and only start "cruising" again when my speed drops to 60 (I am very uncomfortable driving slower than that unless I can stick behind a wagon doing a slower speed).

Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
If the hills and grades are not terrible, I find they can actually help improve mileage, especially if the coasts are at the desired speed for considerable distances.

Welcome aboard Mate.

Yeah, I have found that too. On my way to work I have a 7ish mile stretch downhill which I can do in neutral (the car actually accellerates to about 70 or so down it, albeit slowly) unless a damn wagon pulls out in front of me.

I have actually gone from being quite a quick and aggressive driver to a calm, economical driver in about a year. The only thing which still get's me really angry in the car is people forcing me to waste fuel (e.g. pulling out in front of me when I have just timed my coast perfectly to bring me to a stop at the lights, or similar). That's the last adjustment I need to make to the nut behind the wheel, I think...

Anyway cheers for your help guys
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