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Yes, I followed all the way to the end. I'm not always that patient, but I guess I'm having a good night. Or, my wife is too busy to bug me right now...

Good luck with it! I think with the 5-speed and a reasonably small engine, the car has potential. I'm sure you can improve its aerodynamics.

This project definitely looks interesting. Ya know, you really can choose between one all-encompassing thread, or multiple threads each dealing with its own area.

My guess is - if you're gong to build each segment once and not go back to re-modify it later, then one big thread might be best. OTOH, if you think you might hop back and forth (some) between the different areas you're addressing, then maybe separate threads would be better. So that all the work or discussion of - say, side skirts - would be in one thread, even though that actual work was interrupted when you worked on some other part of the car. Just put a common header at the start of each of those thread titles so they're easy to recognize. MyCar - front mods, MyCar - fuel cutoff switch, MyCar - wheel covers.

My .02
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