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Thanks for the input, Bruce! And for sticking with the message... I didn't realize that the faux Noob post was the only thing you could see when opening the thread...

I'll probably start one thread generally covering the aero mods like the air dam and headlight cover construction and also for discussion of options for the OE parts swaps. I wish that 2d flow simulator was up and running! Yes, I emailed the Prof about it. I plan to mod one area at a time, starting with the front, then the rear spoiler swap/delete and then the mirrors. Things like the antenna probably aren't worth going into detail over.

If I get into more mechanical mods with an Eco application at a later date I'll start a thread on those too. My basic thought is to plan out what I want to do over the winter and then make the actual mods in the spring although I may still do the air dam and an upper grill block this fall once I find some coroplast.

"This project definitely looks interesting."

Thanks! I picked up this car for $200 coming up on 3 years ago when I moved back to NY from GA and I can honestly say it doesn't owe me a thing back. Zero issues other than a dead battery because, um, someone left the lights on. Burns no oil, gets reasonable mileage and thanks to some junkyard shopping it even handles reasonably well. I'd really like a TDI but this is the car I've got and I might as well have some fun tweaking it!


P.s. I used to live in Danbury and at last count I'd had more than 20 Bricks. About half were 240 series, 2dr, sedans and wagons and the rest were a mix of 122, 140 and a pair of 1800ES'. I got 30mpg driving to Atlanta in my 245 Turbo! I think it was the leather seats.
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