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So, I haven't filled up yet but I've driven about 300 miles (using my onboard computer). I'm getting slightly better fuel economy by flipping off OD while at speed climbing hills. When accelling from a stop at 80% wot I'm not seeing and increase of FE but rather I'm seeing a reduction vs slow acceleration. However, I am seeing an increase in FE when coming to speed from a stop with OD off over having it engaged when acceding at 80% wot. I'm also seeing an increase in FE when 80% wot with OD off vs 30-70wot with OD on from a stop. A 20% WOT push with OD on gives me the best mpgs/FE but only slightly. It really is 0.1 mog difference and coming to speed is better for my safety and sanity when doing an 80WOT push from a stop with OD off.

So in conclusion, (I still have to run the numbers and another tank). It looks like OD being used under load while climbing steep hills at 80%wot saves gas. It does not seem to save gas/FE when coming to a slow steady acceleration speed. Slow and steady likes the Overdrive engaged. My car also likes OD off/ disengaged when under heavy load like an 80WOT push from a standstill.

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